Dutch Treat Song And Dance Group

Ottawa Canada

Dutch treat 



Who Are We?

In 1996, the Ottawa Exhibition needed people of different cultural background to entertain at their 'International Village'. 

Henk Huizenga, of Metcalfe, Ont., gathered a group of men together and they called themselves 'The DUTCH TREAT'.  This group is still in existence and was a regular singing attraction at the annual 'Dutch Day' in Merrickville, Ont. and at other events of the Dutch-Canadian  Community     


From this group evolved  also a larger group of some 40 singers, namely, the  OTTAWA CARLETON MALE CHOIR.

Please contact us for performing at Seniors home or othere events

For more Information  Contact :   Henk Huizenga  Coordenator

hhuizenga@ontharvestore.com  ---- 613 293 9046

'Dutch Treat' and THE 'ottawa carleton male choir'