Dutch Treat Song And Dance Group

Ottawa Canada

Our Start in 1996

July 17, 1996

Hello Friends,


As coordinator of the newly formed group 'DUTCH TREAT' (how do you like that name?), I like to thank you for coming out tonight.


The reason for forming this little "Male Choir" is for us to promote 'The Friendship Windmill' project in Ottawa and with that of course our Dutch culture and heritage.

The Windmill Committee is looking to collect 3 Million Dollars in order to build a Windmill in Ottawa as a thank you and reminder of the Canadian involvement in the liberation of The Netherlands during the second world war.


Our program consists of approximately 15 songs:   10 Dutch, 4 English and 1 French song.  Our part of the program I was told should be about 20 to 30 minutes.

However, yesterday I found out that it will be a total of 11 ½ hours.  We can stretch our program out over a 3 hour period, starting at I pm., than at 2 and after that at 3 pm., or we can do it in two 40 minute periods.  We will be discussing this tonight.

This will all take place at the Ottawa Ex on Sunday, August 18 in the International Village. (the Eiffel tower is there).

Jan Koster will play his accordion and Julia Mills gracefully agreed to play the keyboard for us.


We hope to have several Dutch costumes available to us.  We also like to have either two ladies or one lady and a man, in costume, dance during some of the songs.


Our costumes should be, if possible:


·         Black "petje"

·         Black pants or jeans (has to be the same!)

·         White shirt

·         Red handkerchief

·         Wooden shoes

·         White binder with Dutch flag on the outside


As  you can see, we do not have a lot of time to prepare ourselves for this event.

I hope however that we will have a lot of fun doing it and exhibit our pride in our heritage.

There will be free passes available for the Ex.




Henk Huizenga

Tel: 613 293 9046


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